Full Duplex Intercom Systems Designed to Give Your Team a Competitive Edge

The Hollyland wireless intercom system provides a hands-free full-duplex communication experience similar to face-to-face talk. It comes with unmatched sound clarity with rock-solid reliability. Designed to facilitate crews to achieve efficient multi-party coordination, such as scheduling, and field control in big events or churches, and backstage live streaming.



Film & TV Production

Instead of shouting at each other on-site, team conversations and coordination can be much easier and more effective with a Hollyland intercom system. The systems support grouping headsets and headset number expansion through hub cascading through 2-WIRE/4-WIRE/Ethernet connection to accommodate varying filming scenarios and team complexities.


Sports & Esports Live Production

Hollyland Solidcom M1, our flagship full-duplex communication system comes with a standard package of eight headsets with dynamic microphones and eight lightweight beltpacks. The system supports splitting the headsets into 3 groups. You can allocate the beltpacks to team members such as the lighting crew, camera crew, PAs, etc. It also features multi-system cascading and OB vehicle interconnection, allowing more flexibility in handling varying event scales and complexity.


Live Performance & Events Production

We understand the challenges and workflow of productions in a performance center, theater, festival, or awards ceremony. Hollyland provides wireless and portable intercom solutions to effectively deal with the challenges of a complex signal environment and scattered staff, allowing remote and instant communication on-site. Be confident with precise coordination between backstage consoles, stage lighting, event directors, and multiple parties involved.


Church Production for Live Services

Like many live events, worship services tend to have multiple moving parts, and typically the director needs to communicate information accurately, concisely, and clearly, so things don't get missed. Clear voice messages, a stable connection, a scalable system scheme, and a user-friendly design for all people make for a competent church intercom setup. These form the basic norms for all Hollyland wireless intercom systems.