Hollyland Affiliate Program

Join the Hollyland affiliate program and start earning commissions today! Spread the word about our innovative video and audio products and earn rewards for every sale you refer. Don't miss out!

Why Join Hollyand Affiliate Program? 

  • Our Affiliate Program enables anyone to be a part of Hollyland and gain commission from every sale made through your own affiliate link. Share your affiliate link and win rewards.
  • Everybody wins when you join, it's great for you, and your customers.

Commission Rate: 5% - 10%

Cookie: 45 Days

Average Order Value: Over 500 USD

Performance Incentives

Regular coupons, deals, banners, newsletter, etc.

Dedicated support from our Affiliate Expert team

How Do I Earn Commission?

  • Join the affiliate program that you prefer
  • Share the affiliate link wherever you want to promote our product
  • Encourage your audience to click on your link and make a purchase
  • Wait for your order to be confirmed
  • Commision will be sent to you on monthly basis

Who Are We Looking For?

  • Agencies We welcome all agents, sponsors, and promotion agencies. 
  • Influencers We want social media KOLs and influencers who love Hollyland products and are not afraid to show it!
  • Anyone Who wants more people to know about Hollyland. You are welcome to join and share your love with your friends or people who is indeed of our products.

Commission Attribution Rule 

If a customer clicked the affiliate link from more than one affiliate, we attribute the commission to the affiliates/publishers who received the last click traffic.

Shipping Zone

Please note that Hollyland Store currently ships to the United States and Canada, providing a great opportunity for affiliates whose audiences are in these regions. While our shipping options are currently limited to these countries, we are actively working on expanding our shipping services to reach even more customers worldwide in the near future.

Got Questions Before Getting Started? 

If you have any questions about our program, please let us know and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!
Email: affiliate@hollyland.com