Hollyland's Lark M2 Wins Videomaker's Best of NAB 2024 for Wireless Mic

Posted by Michael Low on

The Lark M2 continues to break the internet as it received the award for the best wireless mic at NAB 2024. The award comes just three months after the initial launch this year and Hollyland couldn’t be more proud. We are so thankful for this opportunity and recognition for the company’s hard work in the field of wireless microphones. 

The improvements to the Lark M2 compared to older models has proven to be the perfect mic for content creators and those alike. The clear and crisp sound quality sets this microphone aside from the competition while weighing just 9g.The Lark M2 delivers 48KHz 24-bit high fidelity audio with 70 dB SNR and 115 dB SPL. The system also offers optional Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology. While removing background noise and unwanted side covernsations, the Lark M2 serves the user in more ways than ever imagined. 

In the last few months, we have seen users take the mic’s to new heights that we could have dreamed to capturing audio on rollercoasters, wearing them in the most rigorous weather, or wearing them to capture audio while skimboarding. WIth the Lark M2, your possibilities are endless!

Thank you Videomaker for this award! We can’t wait to inspire the industry and creators alike!

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