Hollyland Technology x National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) - Event Recap!

Posted by Michael Low on

Our team has just gotten back from NAB Las Vegas and are excited to share about the expo. The expo was a huge success as we were met with many old and new customers from all over the world. One of the biggest changes between last year’s expo and this one was the size of our booth. Our booth this year was significantly larger and with it, we were able to bring more people from Hollyland Technology HQ and our North America office. 

Our booth this year featured five separate areas, all of them working together to bring the best experience possible. One of the most notable areas of the booth was our new Pyro table! This table was set up with all of our new products from the Pyro H, Pyro S, and the Pyro 7. The table was the talk of the show as many attendees came by the booth to get the first public look at the new video transmitters that are set to be released soon.

The Pyro H will be the first product of the Pyro series which is listed to launch on April 24 at 9:00am EST. The rest of the Pyro series should be available within the new three months, each of them building on the product before it. 

All the other Hollyland products were readily available for everyone who attended. With so many professionals in the building, each of our team members had their hands full with questions, interviews, or helping the booth function overall. The Lark M2 was one of the most popular items at our booth with hundreds of content creators asking about when they could get their hands on a set for themselves.

At NAB, our combined team was able to serve our attendees with interactive activities, prizes, and coffee as hundreds of new people came to our booth. With the pairing of an amazing LED wall from Gloshine and a Hollyland swag spin wheel, we had customers lining up to win a chance to win free microphones and video transmitters. In the front of the booth, we also did a stamp card partnership with five other brands. Once you got a stamp from each of the partnered booths at NAB, you could try your luck with a Hollyland scratch card, or choose a swag bag from each of the partnered brands. Lastly, for each person that came out to our booth, they received a raffle card to win a prize during each presentation.

The turnout to NAB Las Vegas was amazing and we can’t wait for next year. Thank you to NAB for organizing a great event!

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