Wireless Microphones

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Lark M1

$51.00 USD – $89.00 USD
HearClear Noise Cancellation Charge & Store Two-in-One Easy to Use Plug and Play Design Tiny & Light Design Hi-Fi Sound Quality Stable Connection 650ft (200m) Transmission (LOS) Wide Compatibility
Lark Max

Lark Max

$159.00 USD – $287.33 USD
Discover the Hollyland Lark Max, the ultimate flagship wireless microphone that delivers unparalleled studio-quality audio. With professional ENC, it guarantees pristine sound. With 14-hour on-board storage recording, it doubles as...
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Lark C1

$59.00 USD – $89.00 USD
Plug and Play. Lark C1 is ready when out of the box, making it easy to use. Usable While Charging. Both the TX and RX of Lark C1 are equipped with a...
Hollyland LARK 150

Lark 150

$89.00 USD – $229.00 USD
Built-in high-sensitivity omnidirectional microphone on transmitters Optimal wireless transmission in the 2.4 GHz spectrum Mono/Stereo/Safety Output Modes Small and light transmitters weigh less than 1 oz Charging case that supports...
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Lark 150 TX

$89.00 USD
For Hollyland LARK 150 Wireless Systems Omni Mic/Transmitter + Omni Lavalier Mic 3.5mm Microphone Input Connector Easy to Use, Plug & Play Operation Lightweight Ultracompact Housing Two-Way Mute Button 128-Bit...