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Lark 150 TX

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  • For Hollyland LARK 150 Wireless Systems
  • Omni Mic/Transmitter + Omni Lavalier Mic
  • 3.5mm Microphone Input Connector
  • Easy to Use, Plug & Play Operation
  • Lightweight Ultracompact Housing
  • Two-Way Mute Button
  • 128-Bit Encryption
  • Includes Furry Windscreen
  • USB-Rechargeable 4-Hour Battery
  • 8 Systems at Once Max, up to 328' Range


Options: Lark 150 Single TX

Lark 150 Single TX
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LARK 150 2-person compact digital wireless microphone system for your interview, YouTube video, documentary production, or vlog

Take a closer look

The LARK 150 is a wireless microphone system consisting of two ultra-compact mics. Capture high quality and clear audio during street interviews, vlogging, live streaming, movie-making, and type of scenario that requires dialogue between two people.

Tiny and Light
Clip on Concealment

The coin-sized mic weights only 20.5g, less than 5 nickels, and when clipped to your collar, it's almost invisible.

Noise Buffer Design
Cleaner Audio in Action

The built-in floating buffer sponge effectively prevents collision between the mic and the shell enables distinct sound collection.

All-match Versatility
Record with Any Device

Record your voices independantly while using your mobile devices, cameras, sports cameras, and computers.

Note: You need an adapter cable from Hollyland to plug into mobile devices.

Smart Signal Connectivity

The system scans the surrounding frequency 8,000 times a second and automatically connects to the interference-free channel. This ensures the system is always connected and prevents signal dropouts in busy areas.

Auto Pairing, Ready to Use

Ready to use now. Pairing is automatically completed in the charging box without any further steps. Never miss an important moment.

Note: Please take out the insulation film in the case when using it for the first time.

Expand Your Limits

Take advantage of an ultra-low latency sub-5ms response time up to 100 meters away.

So Many Ways to Work.

Recording Modes Selected on Demand: Mono, Stereo, and Safety soundtrack modes, with their own advantages, available for creators of different needs.

  • Mono TrackMono mode for 1-person vlogging, live broadcasting, etc.
  • Stereo TrackStereo mode for 2-person vlogging, interviews, etc
  • Safety TrackSafety mode for outdoor shootings when audio-popping preventive measure is needed.

3 Professional Recording Modes

Creators can choose between 3 modes to fit their needs.

Mono Track

Mono mode for 1-person vlogging, live broadcasting, etc.

Stereo Track

Stereo mode for 2-person vlogging, interviews, etc.

Safety Track

Safety mode for outdoor shootings when audio-popping preventive measue is needed.

Magnetic Storage
Automatic Charging

Simply place the receiver and the mics into the case, and the case does the rest: storing, charging, and pairing.

- Mics have a 4 hour duration

- Each receiver has a 7 hour duration

- Storage case charges your mics and receiver