Pyro H

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  • 1 Transmitter & 4 Receivers
  • 1,300ft (400m) 
LOS Range
  • 0.06s Low Latency
  • 2.4GHz & 5GHz Dual Band
  • 4K30 Transmission
  • HDMI Loopout
  • UVC Streaming
  • Smart Channel Scan


Option: Pyro H

Pyro H
Single Transmitter
Single Receiver
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Fuel Your Connections

Pyro H

Pyro H, your ultimate HDMI-only solution specially designed for video transmission at up to 4K/30fps, is now available on the market. With transmission over dual 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands, this innovative kit marks Hollyland’s pioneering leap into the realm of 4-receiver support, offering enhanced monitoring stability and collaboration on set. With a new level of performance in transmission range, and latency, among other things, Pyro H is to make a difference.

Key Features

Pyro H at a Glance

1 Transmitter & 4 Receivers

Offers more flexibility when additional monitoring needs emerge on set.

1,300ft (400m) 
LOS Range

Ultra-long range wireless transmission capability.

0.06s Low Latency

Excels with increased ltransmission distance while preserving video quality and minimizing latency.

2.4GHz & 5GHz Dual Band

Provides better signal transmission performance and efficiency.

4K30 Transmission

Presents images with superior clarity, detail, and realism.

HDMI Loopout

Without compromising the quality of the transmitted signal.

UVC Streaming

Convenient for live streaming and video conferencing.

Smart Channel Scan

Chooses a high-quality frequency channel.

Wifi Broadcast Technology

4 Receivers. Not an Issue.

More Flexible. Meet More Monitoring Needs.

Pyro H's WifiBroadcast technology enables one transmitter to connect to four receivers with stable signals, offering more flexibility when additional monitoring needs emerge on set.

Broadcast Mode


New Solution

Faster. Longer. Stronger.

With self-developed 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz Dual-Band technology, Pyro H features a stable transmission range of up to 1,300ft (400m). It achieves a minimal transmission latency of 60ms thanks to upgraded chips and optimized video encoding/decoding algorithms.

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Dual Boosts. Less Latency and More Stability.

Compared to traditional video transmission systems whose range extends at the cost of image quality and latency, Pyro H excels with increased transmission distance while preserving video quality and minimizing latency.

9830接口 1.jpg__PID:64271ed2-068a-4b58-afbd-97ba3054ab74

 Smooth Mode

The bitrate dynamically adjusts in this mode to achieve the lowest 60ms latency for ultra-long-distance transmission.

 HD Mode

Optimal for superior image quality. HD Mode guarantees clear visuals, maintaining a stable bitrate of 8-12 Mbps even at a range of 1,300ft (400m).

Dual Band

2.4GHz & 5GHz.

Pyro H offers a dual-band transmission solution that addresses common issues such as signal interference, low transmission efficiency, and frequency congestion. And the omnidirectional high-gain antennas will also ensure stable signals in all directions. This provides better signal transmission performance and efficiency. With Pyro H, you won't have to worry about video drop issues any more.

Rectangle 2039.png__PID:bcad4363-343d-48f6-bb4a-21884982dceb

High Definition

4K. Crisp and Sharp.

With 4k/30fps transmission capabilities, Pyro H presents images with superior clarity, detail, and realism, making it competent for professional applications, such as filmmaking.

Group 1308.png__PID:1451c8dd-9753-44d0-9bc8-8440dac36505

Monitor Conveniently

HDMI Loopout.

HDMI Loopout port allows the output of signals to another display device, such as a monitor, without compromising the quality of the transmitted signal, which enables users to conveniently monitor the transmitted content, and make adjustments as necessary.

Rectangle 1365.png__PID:fe537599-3c8f-4565-9e7c-56f5e18812b6

USB Video Class

UVC Streaming.

UVC allows seamless compatibility with a wide range of devices, such as computers, without requiring capture cards or software installations. This plug-and-play feature simplifies setup and operation, making it convenient for users in various scenarios, such as live streaming and video conferencing.

Rectangle 1986.png__PID:8095bc93-e898-4fba-b92a-db79053dc2e1Frame 753.png__PID:afbaf92a-db79-453d-82e1-0632845b85d5

Smooth Transmission

Smart Channel Scan.

Upon startup, Pyro H automatically chooses a high-quality frequency channel, optimizing user experience from the outset. Additionally, users can activate the smart channel scan function on the receiver to view real-time feedback on the frequency status, thus ensuring an uninterrupted and reliable experience.

Rectangle 287.png__PID:ae0ba489-df3d-4ca6-a430-743ce276cd5c

Preset Grouping & Pairing

Easy Setup. Ready to Go.

Pyro H supports preset grouping and pairing, obviating the need for users to repetitively and manually set up the transmitter and receivers. Time really matters to crew members.

Multiple Power Options

USB-C Charging. Continuous Power.

In addition to DC and NP-F batteries, Pyro H also supports USB-C power supply (5-12V). This power supply option proves convenient, especially when using stabilizers, as it eliminates the need for NP-F batteries, thus reducing overall weight and enhancing maneuverability.

*In Broadcast mode, USB-C charging is not supported.
*Charging cables and NP-F batteries are not included in the package.

9830供电展示 2.png__PID:d1602594-9d76-41d0-87a2-ac61a55c66fd