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The Hollyland Solidcom C1 Pro is a professional wireless intercom system. It features an advanced Dual-Mic ENC, PTT function, wideband audio (150Hz–7kHz), and a 1,100ft (350m) reliable range. It is also DECT 6.0-enhanced for superior stability, ultra-long duration, and increased portability and durability. Ready to use out of the box, it is backward compatible and supports A & B Dual Grouping and Three-System Cascaded Connection. The ANNOUNCE Function further enhances its capabilities.

Key Features

  • Push-to-Talk Wireless Intercom: Beyond the Walkie-Talkie Experience
  • 24-hour Long Duration: Each Headset comes with an Extra Battery-Never Run Out of Power
  • Active Environment Noise Cancellation
  • Up to 1100ft (350m) Transmission Range
  • Full Duplex Communication
  • Backward Compatible with the First Generation Solidcom C1
  • Expand Your Network of Users with Hub Cascading

Spec: G-mount & U.S.-spec Plug

G-mount & U.S.-spec Plug

Number of Headsets: Solidcom C1 Pro Hub4S (4 Remote Headsets & 1 Wired Headset)

Solidcom C1 Pro Hub4S (4 Remote Headsets & 1 Wired Headset)
Solidcom C1 Pro Hub8S (8 Remote Headsets & 1 Wired Headset)
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Spec: G-mount & U.S.-spec Plug
Number of Headsets: Solidcom C1 Pro Hub4S (4 Remote Headsets & 1 Wired Headset), Solidcom C1 Pro Hub8S (8 Remote Headsets & 1 Wired Headset)
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Solidcom C1 Pro

Next-Level Team Talk

1,100ft (350m) Full-Duplex ENC Wireless Intercom Headset System

Take a closer look

Solidcom C1 Pro is a wireless intercom headset system that's lightweight and easy to use. It features dual-mic ENC technology, which eliminates environmental noise and makes communication clear even in loud environments. The system uses advanced DECT 6.0 technology and has a wideband audio range of 150Hz to 7kHz. It also offers reliable communication up to 1,100ft (350m).

Unparalleled Dual-Mic ENC

Solidcom C1 Pro uses dual-mic ENC technology to capture clear sound in loud environments. Its main mic focuses on the speaker's voice range, while the secondary omnidirectional mic collects environmental noise samples. The advanced ENC algorithm processes the sound signal, cancelling out environmental noise and delivering crystal-clear sound quality.

150Hz–7kHz Wideband Audio with AEC

Solidcom C1 Pro intercom system is capable of delivering authentic and clear sound, even in the most demanding production environments. Its premium Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) function effectively removes unwanted echo within the frequency response range of 150Hz to 7kHz, promoting more efficient teamwork.

Robust Wind Noise Removal

Solidcom C1 Pro is the solution for communication in noisy production environments. The Y5 felt paper serves as a wind filter and microphone cushion, ensuring peace of mind in noisy production environments.

Acoustic Design Reduces Noise to a Minimum

TALK/MUTE Button with the PTT Function


1. To switch between the TALK and MUTE modes, simply press the TALK/MUTE button. You can also switch between the two modes by rotating the mic boom up or down.

2. The push-to-talk (PTT) function enables you to temporarily activate talk mode, similar to a walkie-talkie, while still maintaining the full duplex communication feature. Simply hold down the button to talk and release it to return to MUTE mode.

Volume Button 

+: Volume up
-: Volume down

A & B Button

In a non-hub system, the A button is used for pairing, while the B button does not function.

In a hub-based system, simply press the A or B button to switch to group A or B.

Mic Boom Indicator Light

  • Indicator light flashes: Not connected 
  • Indicator light flashes quickly: Pairing
  • Red indicator light flashes twice: Low battery

Uncompromising Security & Stability with DECT 6.0

Solidcom C1 Pro uses DECT 6.0 technology to secure your communication from eavesdropping. Its dual-antenna design in the 1.9GHz band ensures stable and clear communication, allowing twice as many users on the channel.

Extended Usage Time & Additional Backup Batteries

Ultra-low power consumption
Duration Increased 20% Compared to the First Generation

Additional Features with Hub

Backward Compatible with Solidcom C1

Solidcom C1 Pro is fully compatible with the entire Solidcom C1 wireless intercom system, providing increased flexibility and expandability.

A & B Grouping for Diversified Communication Needs

Solidcom C1 Pro hub-based intercom system provides more communication options with its A & B grouping function. It offers two communication channels for groups A and B in the team, greatly eliminating the possibility of communication interruption and improving team coordination efficiency.

UAC for Direct Calls to Cloud Meetings

The USB Audio Class (UAC) function featured on the hub facilitates joining cloud meetings anytime running on Zoom, Skype, or other meeting programs. Simply connect your personal computer to the hub via its USB interface. This seamlessly brings your on-site and remote teams together, facilitating team interaction and creativity wherever your teams are located.

Multi-Powering Options

The Solidcom C1 Pro hub supports multiple power supply options, including NP-F battery, V-mount battery, G-mount battery, and DC power.

Three-System Cascading for User Expansion

Solidcom C1 Pro is fully compatible with the entire Solidcom C1 wireless intercom system, providing increased flexibility and expandability.

One-click Mute All & ANNOUNCE for Quick Notification

The Solidcom C1 Pro hub is designed with a one-button "ANNOUNCE" function for emergencies. By activating this function in an emergency, all headsets in the system are instantly muted, allowing the entire team to only hear the direct instructions or commands from the user of the wired hub headset.

How to Cascade with Wired Intercom System?