Wireless Audio & Video Transmission to Promote + Enhance Team Synergy

HOLLYLAND brings comprehensive wireless audio and video transmission solutions into your hands. Our products are backed by years of technology dedication in professional film and TV production. The brand's flagship wireless video transceiver options allow film crews to work untethered and on the same page with synchronous wireless video & audio sharing.



Film & TV Production

Unlike traditional wired transmission systems, Hollyland's wireless video transmission solutions provide a stable and untethered remote monitoring experience. Our wireless transmission systems deliver exceptional reliability and superior anti-interference performance. The addition of smart frequency scan technology ensures a super smooth production experience.

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Sports & Esports Live Production

The integrated wireless systems help production teams achieve more flexible on-set camera adjustments without cabling limitations. This allows for more flexibility in case of emergencies. It also ensures efficient live shooting for the smooth running of each successful event broadcasting. 

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Live Performance & Events Production

Hollyland's SDI/HDMI wireless video transmission systems wirelessly transmit high-resolution video up to 1080/60P over long distances, allowing flexible video monitoring, and distribution for studio or field production. Compatible with any mainstream camera, monitor, or switcher with smooth wireless video feeds.

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Church Production for Live Services

Leaning into the "new normal" of the post-pandemic world, churches have sought new approaches and mediums to deliver their message and keep up community connections. Hollyland's audio and video transmission solutions, as part of the production workflow, have been widely applied and trusted by church production teams. The results are reliable performance and flexibility in facilitating their live services

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