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capsule antenna

Mars M1 Capsule Antenna

$27.99 USD
Antenna for Mars M1 Compatible with Hollyland Mars series Robust and compact design
monitor hood for Mars M1

Mars M1 Monitor Hood

$24.99 USD
Compatibility Mars M1 Features Anti-glare under harsh light conditions Guarantee a clear view with Mars M1 Separable design Lightweight Monitor Hood Easy mounting and quick removal Weight 33.2g/47.7g (1.2oz/1.7oz)
rosewood handle for filed monitor

Mars M1 Rosewood Handle

$59.99 USD
Side handle for Mars M1 Standard 1/4”-20 Mount Comfortable and firm grip Note: the monitor is not included.
Hollyland leather design shoulder strap

Mars M1 Shoulder Strap

$19.99 USD
Strap length adjustable Universal 1/4”-20 male mount Black leather fabric Secure the monitor & free your hands
hard shell storage case for Hollyland Mars M1

Mars M1 Storage Case

$29.99 USD
Semi-hard protective shell Foam filled to absorb vibration Used for carrying Mars M1 and other accessories Lightweight and portable
screen protector for Mars M1

Mars M1 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

$19.99 USD
CompatibilityMARS M1 Features Protect Mars M1 screen from scratches Tampered stick-on screen protector Crystal clear display of the picture Perfect rendition matches the original display Weight 40.0g SIZE 139.6x77.5mm (5.5"x3.1")...
wrist strap for Mars M1 Handle

Mars M1 Wrist Strap

$14.99 USD
Cuff strap adjustable to wrist size Works with Rosewood handle for Mars M1 Comfortable and durable nylon material