Wireless Receiver and Transmitter in One: Introducing the Mars M1 Enhanced

Wireless Receiver and Transmitter in One: Introducing the Mars M1 Enhanced

Hollyland Technology released its newest wireless video solution, the Mars M1 Enhanced, on November 11, 2023. For audiences big or small, the Mars M1 Enhanced is the perfect solution for recording and production needs. Already being an improvement on the last Mars M1, this monitor delivers precise video solutions whether it is being used as a transmitter, receiver, or monitor. With its handheld design and improved user interface, users can expect the Mars M1 Enhanced to be compatible with the Mars 4K which came out last year, and the Mars 400s Pro.



Along with these changes from the last model, the Mars M1 Enhanced comes with internal recording capabilities, barrel connection, minimal latency through hardwire, and 0.08s latency wireless transmission. Coming in with a 5.5” Touch LCD screen, a 450 ft (150m) LOS Range, and 1,000 Nits of Brightness, the Mars M1 Enhanced is second to none. The monitor comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack plug-in, 403 PPI pixel density, a 16:09 aspect ratio, and HDMI loop out in transmitter mode, while receiver mode comes standard with just HDMI out.



Operating on a 5.0 GHz frequency with a screen resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, we can assure each customer, whether amateur or professional, that this product will not disappoint. Mark your calendars for the upcoming release date and join in on the fun. 

For more information about this product, questions related, or more, please email sales.us@hollyland.com