SALT Expo - Event Recap!

SALT Expo - Event Recap!

Earlier this month, Hollyland sent our team out to Brentwood Tennessee to attend the SALT Expo for their 10th anniversary. Our team was located on the west side of the church in a room filled with candy and wonder. The inspiration for the themed room came from the board game, Candyland. We were welcomed in with two large LED displays with the name “Techie-land.” The room was filled with cute themes and other companies related to E2i.


Our team had a display table with products such as the Lark Max. Solidcom C1 Pro, and the Solidcom M1. Here we were able to talk to attendees in passing and in between workshops. The expo was a great experience and there was an even larger turnout than we had initially thought. We will be sure to mark this on our calendars for next year. In talking, we were able to bring attention to Hollyland products and how we can service churches in the area, but also allow people to interact with the products before purchasing them.

In particular, people loved wearing the Solidcom C1 Pro and Solidcom M1 around the expo floor, testing out functions like the Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) or the Push-to-Talk(PTT). Everyone was highly impressed with these functions as well as the cascading capabilities that they could use to help grow their team communications with their older systems. 




Hollyland hopes to be at SALT Expo next year and can’t wait to visit Tennessee again soon!