Hollyland Solidcom M1 Provides Reliable and Smooth Communications at the 2nd E-sports China Annual Ceremony

The 2nd E-sports China Annual Ceremony was completed successfully in Wuhan city of Hubei province. Co-hosted by People's Sports of China, Optics Valley China Film E-sports Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Cultural Investment Development Co., Ltd., the grand ceremony was attended by representatives of e-sport brands, live broadcast platforms, commentators, e-sports KOLs, and journalists of e-sports media. 


The event faced a number of organizational challenges: The event site is about 80-meter long and 50-meter wide. The event production team needs to manage everything on-site from hosting guests, setting up calling cues, preparing teleprompters, timing speeches, escorting performers/speakers to and from the stage... Most importantly, all these have to be executed efficiently and accurately.

Hollyland supplied Solidcom  M1 wireless intercom system to the team,  which provides reliable and smooth communications for the team members throughout the entire event. 


As its name suggests, the Solidcom M1 full-duplex wireless intercom solution (8-beltpack edition) comes with 8 beltpacks and 8 LEMO headsets, a base station, as well as other accessories. With a setup like this, the team members: director, project manager, show caller, audio engineer, lighting engineer, stage manager, graphics operator, and technical director are all equipped with a beltpack and a LEMO headset.


The Solidcom M1 digital wireless intercom system offers a variety of unique features and benefits that accommodate the needs of the team members. For the director who is responsible for directing the overall planning and strategy, the sidetone function of Solidcom M1 is a powerful addition. This not only helps him ensure that the mic is picking up his voice but is also useful in adjusting the volume of his voice. To the project manager who needs to send the mics to the speakers and then inform the audio engineer the mic number of each speaker, Solidcom M1 allows up to 3 talk groups to be set within a single system. A separate talk group can be set for the project manager and the audio engineer within seconds. Having a tight schedule to follow, the director and the show caller need to communicate with each other frequently. The Solidcom M1 allows the speakers to stay in talk mode instead of pressing the talk button before each conversation. 

In addition, compared with two-way radios traditionally used by event production teams, the Solidcom M1 digital wireless intercom system stands out with plenty of advantages. The beltpacks are paired by factory default and are good to use out of the box, while with two-way radios, programming and configuration are needed for first-time use. In the event of cross-area collaboration where adding or changing of beltpacks is needed, users only need to connect the beltpacks to the base station via USB to Type-C cables to intuitively pair and group the beltpacks.


As a full-duplex intercom system, Solidcom M1 enables both sides to receive and send data at the same time. It operates at 1.9GHz which has little interference on the wireless audio devices on site which the signals of two-way radios may interfere with.


Overall, Hollyland’s solution provided the organizers with the wider coverage, better audio quality, and more reliable communications they were looking for. The Solidcom M1 wireless intercom system empowered the event production team to communicate easily and collaborate more effectively to deliver a smoothly run and successful ceremony.


For more details please check Solidcom M1 page: https://www.hollyland-tech.com/detail-solidcomm1