Hollyland Launches its Newest Intercom System, the Hollyvox G51!

Posted by Michael Low on

Introducing the Hollyvox G51, the newest addition to the Hollyland intercom systems. This intercom system was released on October 27, 2023, and plans to take the market by storm with its functionality and attention to detail across the board. The Hollyvox G51 is the perfect intercom system for large and small operating teams at any production level. With a dynamic and versatile headset, users can expect increased comfortability while using the headsets and trust in having the belt packs attached at the hip. 

The Hollyvox G51 is the second model of headsets to come with Hollyland’s Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) technology, empowering users with clear communication no matter the environment. With a 1,300ft (400m) range, this intercom system should have no issues no matter the environment all while operating on a 1.9GHz frequency. Alongside these new functions, the Hollyvox can be powered through multiple sources, letting one take the system on the go with ease. The hub for the Hollyvox G51 can be powered using Sony NPF batteries or a simple plug-in for stationary use. 

No matter how big or small the team is, the Hollyvox G51 lets teams communicate without fear of losing connection. With A, B, and C grouping, this system can customize groups within Hollyland’s headsets and current intercom systems through cascading capabilities. Using the 2-wire and 4-wire plug-in, multiple systems are now connected. Each belt pack has A, B, and C buttons to switch between channels while in use. There is also a button on the top of the belt-pack to talk and mute yourself if you need it at a moment's notice.  

Lastly, the new Hollyvox G51 system is now functional while using the Hollyvox App. With old hubs demanding the use of computers to configure the hub, we are now seeing Hollyland’s newest app in full form, allowing users the ability to control everything from their phone for easy potable changes if needed. Hollyland is proud to present its newest intercom system and hopes to inspire others to create together with ease. 

To purchase the Hollyvox G51, you can find more information on Hollyvox.com. For more information about this product, questions related, or more, please email sales.us@hollyland.com

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