CFX Dallas - Expo Recap!

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This October Hollyland Technology sent a team to CFX Dallas! We were honored with the chance to interact with the many attendees from the Dallas area and those who traveled to great lengths to be there. 

Our North American team was met with a large expo floor where each member was able to have sufficient space to speak with attendees and introduce all of Hollyland's products. Many of the attendees were church production directors or technical producers for their churches asking questions about our wireless video solutions and wireless intercom systems. Our team managed to answer all of their questions and guided them to the right person if they needed help to answer the question. 

The Products that we took with us to CFX Dallas include:

  • Lark C1 USBC

  • Lark C1 Lightning

  • Lark Max

  • Cosmo C1

  • Mars 4K

  • Solidcom C1 Pro

  • Solidcom M1

With many of our attendees, we were able to have them test both intercom systems at our booth. We were able to test the range of each system against each other, including the noise cancellation capabilities on the Solidcom C1 Pro. Our team had a TV with a looping Hollyland commercial at the booth, with the commercial and the audio being produced, we were able to put the microphone from the Solidcom C1 Pro master headset next to the TV to hear the noise, and quickly flip the Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) switch to on so everyone could hear the difference. With the ENC technology, this would allow users to clearly hear regardless of their location when on set, or in loud environments. 

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Overall, our team agreed that the event was successful and we are excited to attend next year in Chattanooga, Tennessee!

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