Hollyland's Lark M2 Live Stream Product Launch - Event Recap!

Posted by Michael Low on

To kick off the year, Hollyland launched its release for their newest wireless microphone, the Lark M2. In order to boost their exposure for their newest microphones geared towards, but not exclusively, content creators, Hollyland performed a live stream alongside some popular creators in the industry. To be a part of the live stream, we had Stro Galang To from Room 1041 and Michael Bolten, a popular DP with projects coming out soon on Discovery+. 

During the live stream, we discussed the creator industry, some of the issues when it comes to quality, cost, and reliability of all products. Hollyland was able to gift both Stro and Michael the newest Lark M2 sets so they can use them as they continue to create content for the world. We also gave away two sets of the Lark M2. We are excited to see how creators use and enjoy the Lark M2!

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