Hollyland Technology x Loop Lab Case Study

Posted by Michael Low on

We are very fortunate this month to have the opportunity to speak with Loop Lab, a Boston-based nonprofit organization dedicated to media arts apprenticeships and digital storytelling. Loop Lab participated in a case study where we sent them a Solidcom C1 Pro set and a couple pairs of the Lark Max. In this, we received great feedback about the products and how we can improve them. 

Loop Lab’s mission to create greater talent pipelines for People of Color and Women in the media industry. Their team focuses in various productions, including on-location filming, commercials, live events, and collaborative projects. 

One of their areas they needed assistance from our products was through their communications channels and gaps within their production as a result. The Solidcom C1 Pro addressed their intercom issues and allowed for reliable channel coordination for their different teams or in fast paced scenarios where quick communication is imperative. The Lark Max enhanced their audio quality, reducing interference and improving their overall sound production. 

“Life with Hollyland is transformative” - Loop Lab Staff

Loop lab continues to work with their students and aspires to find new ways to improve their production. With the Solidcom C1 Pro and the Lark Max, Loop Lab is now able to streamline productions in the Greater Boston area and beyond. Hollyland has no doubt that we will find ourselves working with them again in the near future. We want to keep our doors open to creators, closing the gap between the cost of being in the industry and those who aspire to reshape it.

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