Hollyland Solidcom M1 Fostered Real-time Communication for Broadcasting at FIFA Women's Football in Colombia

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On February 23, 2022, AMISTOSO FECHA FIFA (Colombia VS Argentina) was held in Colombia. As the world’s highest football’s governing body, the Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) is arguably the most prestigious sports organization in the world. Among most of FIFA competitions, Women’s football remains a top priority and sparks an ever-growing enthusiasm around the globe.


The recent women’s football match was held at Estadio Alfonso López – a stadium that accommodates up to 25,000 guests in Colombia, covering an area of 7,875 square meters. This event was presented online for the audience at the same time and allowed no mistake.


CG PRODUCCIONES was commissioned as the main production team behind this event's live broadcasting. As a well-known production company dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions in audiovisual and telecommunications in Colombia, the CG PRODUCCIONES crew promised to deliver their broadcasting performance with precision and quality. After testing Hollyland's Solidcom M1system, the team decided to use this versatile intercom solution in carrying out their mission in this large-scale football game.


To ensure a perfect onsite livestreaming to the audience while remaining a timely communication and coordination among the onsite production crews, main challenges were to be overcome in deploying intercom systems in the field:


  1. Remote communication within this stadium

In order to capture the real-time frames from different positions during the match, all production team members are dispersed into different areas. Engaged in such an expansive venue, a timely and reliable communication among teammates across long-distance areas shall be guaranteed.


  1. Noisy onsite environment

Generally, for production crews engaged in such an environment where music, people's chattering, and noises fill the place especially during the peak time, it would be a headache on how to guarantee clear exchanges of teammates’ voice message.


In order to tackle the above-mentioned issues, Hollyland proposed its wireless intercom system Solidcom M1 with 8 beltpacks for the smooth operation of the behind-the-scenes intercom throughout the event.


A stable communication across remote distance

Dispersed in such a stadium that reaches more than 100 meters long and 75 meters wide, an intercom system with a long enough transmission range is required. The Solidcom M1 base station offers two antenna options to tackle different intercom scenarios. While the built-in panel antennas render a one-way directional transmission range up to 1300ft (400m), the FRP antennas solution is better suited to this event with the circular venue. The FRP antennas provided a reliable transmission in a 360° radius range of around 985ft (300m) and guaranteed a reliable and clear communication for the production crew in executing the event’s live broadcast.


Reinforced anti-interference capability

As mentioned above, engaged in such an expansive stadium where thousands of spectators involving and many wireless devices were present, the signal environment were particularly complex on that day. Meanwhile, this event’s live broadcasting was only made available once and cannot be retaken, CG PRODUCCIONES must make sure everything goes well leaving no room for any mistake. It was also one of the main reasons why they chose Solidcom M1. Solidcom M1 operates at 1.9GHz band frequency and has little interference with other onsite wireless devices in the venue. Combined with its built-in auto frequency hopping feature, Solidcom M1 is endowed with an enhanced anti-interference capability in case of any contingencies. After the signal test, Solidcom M1 was well-prepared to work in a complicated signal environment throughout the whole play.


Enhanced audio quality

Having addressed the issue concerning remote transmission and a tricky signal environment, another concern remains: the noisy field environment brought the onsite team a challenge on how to guarantee a clear and recognisable voice delivery while keeping an instant response for each instruction among team members? By adopting self-developed Noise-Cancellation Algorithms and a super-wide frequency response from 200Hz to 7KHz, Solidcom M1 comes with the professional dynamic LEMO headsets that delivers an authentic and premium sound at a broadcast-level sampling rate, which greatly alleviated their worries on a smooth coordination especially during the peak time.


Moreover, to the onsite team’s surprise, Solidcom M1’s light-weight beltpacks with a clip-on design for hands-free carrying as well as an intuitive operating experience in switching into Mute/Talk mode by a simple push of the mic boom rendered them an access to a more efficient and flexible work mode.


After a satisfying experience of Solidcom M1, the onsite team placed an order of this intercom system and put it into use without hesitation. Hollyland is delighted to provide CG PRODUCCIONES with a cost-effective and comprehensive solution in online broadcasting of FIFA Women’s football.




Solidcom M1 offers a versatile intercom solution for medium to large events production ranging from church events, livestreaming to electronic field productions, exhibitions, concerts, etc., where the teams need to execute with precision. Since its debut, the Solidcom M1 wireless intercom system has gained a wide popularity in facilitating team communication and collaboration in tackling on-site challenges.


Hollyland is dedicated to provide high-quality and reliable wireless intercom solutions and professional customized services for more events worldwide.


Check out more info on the Solidcom M1: https://www.hollyland.us/detail-solidcomm1

For more details about FIFA Women’s Football: https://www.fifa.com/womens-football

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