Hollyland Arocam C2 Featured in Videomaker's Best Products List!

Posted by Michael Low on

Hollyland's Arocam C2 has been featured in Videomaker's Best Products list for 2023! The camera was voted the best HDMI PTZ camera against other competitors in the field. Some of the notable features that wowed reviewers were the combined portrait and horizontal orientation, 12x optical zoom, and RS-232 and Rj45 ports for remote control. 

The most popular use for the Arocam has been live-streaming on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. The Time-of-Flight autofocus system has served users very well, allowing them to have seamless ease when creating content. 

To read more on why people loved the Arocam C2, feel free to check out Videomaker's article on the Best PTZ Camera of 2023!

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