Everything You Need to Know About Hollyland Solidcom M1

With years of dedication to wireless transmission technology, Hollyland is now marching into the wireless intercom field with its latest innovations, the Solidcom M1. Compared with its counterparts that are priced at over 20 thousand dollars, the Solidcom M1 is super wallet-friendly at only $6999 with 8 beltpacks.


If you haven’t started exploring the many features of this amazing wireless intercom system yet, we are here to give an overall introduction to it.


Built-In Panel Antenna & External FRP Antenna


Bold and clever, the R&D team introduces a built-in panel antenna to the base station forquick and easy on-site setup. The panel antenna is endowed with a one-way transmission range of 1300ft. More than that, the Solidcom M1 is also equipped with an external FRP antenna which empowers a reliable 360°radius range of around 985ft (300m).


Intuitive Button Layout & Port Design


Press the Menu Key in the middle to enter the menu and check info of the device with the help of the 4 keys around it. The base station is fitted with 2-wire audio input-output interface, 4-wire audio input-output interface, POE power supply/LAN interface and POE/LAN cascade interface.

Convenient Charging & Installation


The Solidcom M1 supports charging from 2 NP-F batteries which provide it a runtime of 24 hours. You can also charge it directly with a POE adaptor. On the bottom and on one side of it, there are 2 3/8 screw holes for convenient installation on a tripod or on a bracket.


Multiple Beltpacks


There are 2 versions of Solidcom M1. One with 4 beltpacks, the other with 8 beltpacks. Press the Talk/ Mute key on top of the beltpack to establish/end conversations. The 3 indicator lights on the front of the beltpacks show the grouping status of the specific beltpack. The beltpack doesn’t belong to the group if the 3 lights were all off. The orange light is for successful grouping and the white light for failed grouping. On the side of each beltpack there are a volume button and a power button. 10 levels of volume are offered to you for personalized audio experience.

A Collection of Thoughtful Design


The lanyard loop on the stainless backclips allows you to hang the beltpack conveniently. The beltpacks support connecting to 2 types of microphones: dynamic microphone and microphone with a 3.5mm jack. The charging station that comes with the Solidcom M1 can charge 8 beltpacks and 8 batteries at the same time.


Supports Up to 3 Groups & Sidetone Feature

The Solidcom M1 supports up to 3 talk groups to fulfill the needs of a medium-sized group. Enter the menu by pressing the Menu key in the middle, and then select the number of specific beltpack to add to the group. The wireless intercom system also supports Sidetone feature which allows the user to hear his own voice even with the headphone on and then adjusting speaking volume in time.


Unparalleled Compatibility

The Solidcom M1 is compatible with a variety of intercom devices, including Clear-Com wired/wireless intercom system, Hanson wired intercom system, Altair wireless intercom system, Datavideo intercom system, etc.


Overall, the Solidcom M1 is your best choice to get started in the wireless intercom game. It offers you endless possibilities at a budget-friendly price without compromising on quality and user experience.