Wireless Tally Systems

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【Wide Compatibility with Various Switchers】Hollyland Tally System offers multiple port options, including DB25, RJ45, and USB-C, to support the connection to various switchers.
【Adaptive Frequency Hopping for Seamless Shooting】With the adaptive frequency hopping feature, this Wireless Tally system can detect interference in complicated scenarios, and hop to the channel with less interference to ensure stable signal transmission.
【Ultra-Long 2600ft (800m) Stable Transmission】With a stable transmission capability over a line of sight range of 800 meters, this Wireless Tally System can meet your needs for shooting in long-distance scenarios.
【Up to 16 Channels Supported】The wireless Tally box supports up to 16 channels. This allows for easy expansion or reduction in the number of Tally lights to accommodate projects of varying scales or complexities. *The DB25 port supports a maximum of 12 channels of dual-color Tally, while the RJ45 port can support up to 16 channels of dual-color Tally.

Options: Wireless Tally System-4 Lights

Wireless Tally System-4 Lights
Wireless Tally System-8 Lights
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