Hollyland Solidcom M1
Hollyland Solidcom M1 4 beltpacks

Solidcom M1

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  • Reinforced audio quality
  • Mic boom up/down for easy talk/mute control
  • Industry-First Built-In Panel Antenna Solution with Up To 1300ft-radius range
  • External FRP antennas included
  • Grouping talk mode
  • App and website-based system configuration
  • 2-wire and 4-wire intercom system interfaces
  • 2.5/hr fast charge lithium-Ion battery

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With 4 beltpacks
With 8 beltpacks

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The Solidcom M1 system works to deliver clear and conversational communication, ideal for small- to medium-sized events (approximately 100 to 1000 guests), such as a concert, church production, or exhibition

Take a closer look

The Solidcom M1 full-duplex wireless intercom system comes standards with 8 beltpacks and supports multiple systems cascading with a maximum of 3 communication groups. Each base station offers a directional transmission range up to 1300ft (400m) with the built-in antenna and reliable transmission in a 360° radius range of around 985ft (300m) with external FRP antennas. This system offers a versatile intercom solution for medium to large events production ranging from church events, livestreaming to electronic field productions, exhibitions, concerts, etc., where the teams need to execute with precision.

Reinforced Audio Quality

Adopting self-developed Noise-Cancellation Algorithms and a super-wide frequency response, Solidcom M1 delivers authentic and premium sound at broadcast-level sampling rate.

Intuitive Operating Experience

An integrated panel antenna is embedded in the base station for effortless setup. Featuring minimalist button design, the beltpack provides you intuitive operating experience. In addition, settings and grouping of the whole set can be adjusted easily via base station, APP or web.

Enhanced Capacity

Each standard Solidcom M1 package comes standard with 8 beltpacks and supports cascade connection of multiple devices as well as maximum 3 communication groups.

External FRP Antennas (Comes in one pair)

The external FRP antennas are endowed with reliable transmission in 360° radius range of around 985ft (300m), ideal for large-scale events including sports events, exhibitions, etc.

Built-In Panel Antenna

With up to 1300ft (400m) transmission range fronting the panel and an extra 160ft (50m) range at the back, the built-in panel antenna is perfect for real-time two-way communication in unobstructed venues, such as church events, and concerts.
*Note: In the region of Russia Federation, the transmission range would be 1100ft+100ft=1200ft.

Two Antenna Schemes

The Solidcom M1 is built with an integrated panel antenna and equipped with a pair of external FRP antennas. Combining these 2 antenna options, the system significantly improves on-site work efficiency, flexibility, and prolongs transmission range to a great extent.

Intuitive Grouping At A Single Tap

The system supports up to 3 groups. You can flexibly allocate the beltpacks to team members such as the lighting crew, camera crew, PAs, etc. Either through the base station, Solidcom APP or webpage, a group can be created and managed in seconds. 

Multi-Device Cascade Connection For Hassle-Free Group Communication

Fitted with 4 different interfaces - 2W (XLR connector), 4W (RJ45), POE/LAN power supply and cascading interfaces, the base station can be cascaded to multiple sets of different audio equipment only by connecting with a standard network cable or an XLR cable.