External Bi-Color Tally Lamp Kit

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Key Features

  • With Red and Green LED Display
  • Easy Setup on Different Positions
  • Connect to the Beltpack with 3.5mm Jack
  • Compatible with Mars T1000 and Syscom 1000T

Providing a visual cue to the on-camera talent, production crew, and directors to show which camera is currently live or on-air by the red and green LED indicator. The lamp is compatible with Mars T1000 and Syscom 1000T intercom systems. The lamp kit can be easily set up and mounted to a different position with the retractable strap, such as on a videographer’s wrist or arm.

With red and green LED displays. Red light is the PGM(program) signal that indicates the camera is live. Green light is the PVM(preview) signal that indicates the camera is about to live and the photographer should get ready.


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